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Here are just a few of the many benefits of using our services to get your next deal funded.
  • Asset Based Loans
  • No Doc Loans
  • Loans up to 70% of the After-Repaired-Value
  • Loans rates start at 6.5%-14%
  • Origination Charges from 2-5 Points
  • Bankruptcy “Ok”
  • Foreclosure “Ok”
  • Bad Credit “Ok”
  • No money “Ok”
  • (We have Funding Partners for you)
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TCD Capital
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Key Features
We take the time to understand your property so we can get you funded faster, and for less money.  We make sure that we match you with the best lender for your deal.
Asset Based
Have you had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, bad credit, or no money, Asset based loans don’t look at your ability to repay the loan, they look at the property used as security.
Funding Partners
Short on cash, we have funding partners to help you get your next deal off the ground.
Friendly & Fast Support
Our team works around the clock to get all your paperwork completed and your next project funded.
Retirement Savings Vehicles
Are you using this as your retirement savings vehicle, if you aren’t already doing so you need to be using your self directed IRA money to accumulate TAX free or Tax Deferred Retirement Savings. 
We shop 100's of Lenders
Did you know there are 1000’s of possible lenders who want to fund your loan, we shop all of these lenders to provide you with the best possible funding source.
Our Capabilities
Over $3 Million Funded
Over $10 Million Available to Lend
Our Team

TCD Capital, We search for lenders so you don’t have to.

Investment Property Consultants
We have been investing in Residential property for over 7 years, if you have a question about a property you are buying, let us know, we are here to help.
Asset Based Loans
Asset Based loans are what they say they are, loans where the property is the guarantee. Contact Us to so we can help you achieve your dream.
Low Doc Loans
No Doc loans are the bare minimum when it comes to getting your loan approved.  Check out our quick start guide for a few steps to get your new home started.
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